Cedar Forest is a Russian vertically integrated company with core responsibilities from harvesting and processing to selling. We deal with premium quality wild forest products: pine nuts, mushrooms, berries and honey.  Our company values long-term initiatives and works hard to consistently ensure and provide the premium quality of our products. Cedar Forest has earned a reputation for protecting forests from elimination, cooperates with WWF and promotes the concept of sustainable environment . We have been protecting the future of Russian forests for more than 20 years.


We look forward to providing you with 100% natural forest products and excellent customer service. The backbone of our food safety policy is our adherence to the HACCP and ISO 22000 certificate program. Finished products are kept fresh in our cool warehouses, then carefully packed to be shipped for to industrial, wholesale and retail purposes. We will be glad to provide additional information about our full product range.


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9/3 Godovikova street

Moscow, 129085
Phone: +7 (929) 668-53-29
E-mail: info@kedrbor.com

Since 1996

Cedar Forest